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Tracey aka Salty Britches
Mar 05, 2023
In Meetings
Text in standard font is from the agenda, text in italics is the notes from the meeting Krewe of the 13 Krewe Meeting Agenda And Minutes 4th April 2023 Welcome: Introduction of first-time attendees. Roll call 5:30pm: 26 Krewe members in attendance. Officers election: Quartermaster - Lisa Speaks for the Captain in all matters First Mate - Cathy Coordination of Fund Raising Purser - Polly Transition in progress Scribe - Tracey Notes/Website / Social Media / Ballots Master-at-Arms - Wade Bylaw compliance Officers will be taking an active roll in taking the Krewe to the next level. Krewe Meetings: Will be held once per quarter Video and minutes of discussions will be posted on the forum. Votes will be taken after members who are not present at the meeting have time to state their opinion on the forum. Prior there was limited discuss on forum. We need to have discussion on the forum from all the Krewe, each voice matters. That being said if it is not voiced on the forum it isn’t part of the round table. Future meetings will have officers and committee reports. Wade -Asked what type of report will we give? Captain - How things have gone at events and so on. Krewe Accounts: Purser will publish end of year 2022 accounts as soon as possible. Quarterly accounts will be published in the future. Focus on the state of the charity fund. At this time, we do not have funds for any assistance requests. Through our past fundraisers, we have helped numerous families and individuals. A reminder the requests we receive, we need to be able to help in a significant way. The credit we receive aides in our Krewe’s mission of getting the word out that we are here to help families and individuals in a dire need through no fault of their own. How we do this is through the news outlets and such. (Ukraine families) All request come in to the Captain. The Captain will look to make sure the request has no obvious black holes; such as I have quit my job and I need money to move to California. Reminder - Motion is required for any expenditure of Krewe funds. Casino Night Update: Cathy Green We need to sell 101 tickets by March 11, and another 100 prior to the event. Challenge by Captain Roger - If we raise more than $25,000 on this Casino Night, Captain Proper Roger will get a Krewe of the 13 tattoo. Krewe wants proof of tattoo. Need round table sponsors. $500 each. Patt - Publix Corporate sponsor $5000 hope. Booze bull 50 bottles = $1000 Cathy Greene will get a Krewe tattoo if we raise $2000 on the booze pull. We will have servers this year. We need volunteers for event! One of the complaints from last year is people had a hard time getting to the tables to play. Possible solutions discussed are below: Reduced rate offer re-buy DJ needs to pull people to the dance floor away from tables. Give fun money as a option auction item 500-1000 from DJ tickets (This was done last year) Don’t do servers because people won’t leave the tables. Casino has two options. Don’t give free money. Arthur Murray never answered Cathy’s calls. We need at least 2 Table sponsors at $500 each. We need Sponsors - Cathy has business cards. If we can get Cathy Greene names & numbers, she can secure theses sponsor. Building up sponsors helps us reach and make a difference in more peoples lives. Upcoming motions: Motion to create Corporate Members Would like to make a motion to add the designation of Corporate Member to the Member list. The purpose of Corporate Member is to create synergies between companies and the Krewe of the 13 in the support of helping others in a time of dire need. These partnerships will provide companies an opportunity to give back to the communities they live and work in by supporting the Krewe with financial support allowing us to continue t o fulfill our mission. Key benefits are: Provides predictable and sustainable financial support for the Krewe’s charity work. Provides heightened visibility to other potential sponsors. Validates the legitimacy of the Krewe as not just another pirate crew but a viable non-profit organization within our community. Gives the Corporate Member view only access to the forum to see how the monies are collected and allocated. Sees and can participate in ongoing Krewe activities. Allows the Treasurer to Invoice the Corporate Member each year similar to how Core and Benefactors are invoiced; this creates the partnership that keeps the Member engaged. Nancy said this is a great plan. Motion to approve a budget of the Social Committee Would like to make a motion for the Social Committee be given a budget o f $1,000 a year. Benefits of the budget are: As activities are planned with an associated cost, this will allow the Social Committee to pay deposits until funds are received from the Krewe members attending. This will prevent a Social Committee member from having to pay the deposit with their own funds and wait for the Krewe member to pay for the activity. Plus if there is a short fall in number of attendees, there will be funds. To cover the shortage, which the Committee anticipates would be minimal. Monies paid up front. $1000 - advance toward Krewe social, and money comes back to the Krewe once social attendees pay their share. Gives the Social Committee, with the Captain’s approval, to host an event without members having to pay. It’s a way to reward the Krewe for all their hard work on fundraisers, etc. Budget could be used to pay for an event, purchase food for a social, buy a t-shirt, etc. At no time will the expenses exceed the budget. (Note, subject to a caveat that the Krewe dues must cover 100% of overhead.) This needs to be visible to our sponsors that, 100% goes to help families in need. We need that statement above for our sponsors so It is understood that their contribution does not go towards our overhead but 100% towards our charity. Motion to have a standing approval to sponsor two fundraisers events - Casino Night and All Hallow’s Eve without having to receive approval prior to spending funds to put on the event. As the project managers begin to plan for their events, monies will need to be paid for deposits for venues, food, decorations, etc. At no time will the monies paid prior to the event exceed $5,000, which has bee approved in the past. This motion reduces the redundancy of having to get approval every year. Any other business Parade March 11 - Orange St. by the playground area. Easter Parade April 8 - TBD on meeting area MBB walking with us. Requests for assistance are now appointed a volunteer/Advocate from the Krewe River Pirate experience as a recent advocate- great having communication. I Saw how thankful she was when I told her we could help. Face of Krewe, Great impression. Thanks to Mark Bailey for this referral. Continue Advocate program None starters nothing happens. (Noted above) Request are put on the Forum it is up to us to speak up before it is put to a vote. Every voice needs to be heard on the forum. Phyllis educator for Advocates- She will make sure all advocates are on the same page when meeting with individuals/families. Terie - Advocate will follow up with families. Yes, if possible. If not Lisa C. will assist with this. It Lisa C doesn’t see it new under the ones we have helped on the forum. She will follow up. Motion to calcify x dollars for events We have two events this means all hands on deck! Must work, it’s expected of all! Other Business: Advent Health Flagler Chamber meeting there was a man who will help to forward to Advent. They will partner help pay for those request in Flagler County. Trying for Flagler Health as a partner as well. They could help with some of the co-pays and such. 501 C3 Cannot partner with For profit organizations . We can partner with another charity Cannot take a strings attached donation, such as I will give you this donation if you earmark it for this request you will receive. Request for any fund money must be put to a motion on the forum, then a vote. Cathy Greene - Budget for Chamber motion Balance Chamber for is a separate motion Next meet scribe will take a video to accompany notes for members not in attendance. Adjourn 6:14 pm

Tracey aka Salty Britches

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