Ahoy Mates!

Looking to Join the Krewe of the 13?

 Here's How:

  • First, you must read and agree to our bylaws (refer to the About Us page and read, "Governing Document").

  • After you've read the bylaws, send a compliance confirmation email to the captain (captain@kreweofthe13.org)

  • The Meet and Greet is the next step.  Come to join us for a few socials and events.  Try us out.  Get to know us.  We want to get to know you too!

  • If you decide the Krewe's work is right for you, your sponsor will add your name to the vote.  If the Krew feels you will work out well, you'll become a full-fledged Swabbie!

  • Your Swabbie status will last nine months.  During this time, you'll show off your skills.  We are here to raise money for families in need and require help in doing so.  Come work side-by-side with us to help create miracles.  Your expertise can really make a difference.

  • After nine months, we will assess your level of participation.  At that point, we will schedule a vote for full membership or extend your Swabbie status.  

Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to you becoming a member of The Krewe of the 13! 

Capt. Proper Roger 
(Roger Allen) 
Captain, Krewe of the 13, Inc 
(386) 801-3273