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How to ask for our help...

The Krewe of the 13 is a charitable organization committed to helping local families in dire need. 

We strive to make a major impact on the family and to change their life and the Krewe must be able to see a direct and identifiable effect from our support.  

Please know that we only help Local families that live in Duval, St. Johns, or Flagler counties in Florida.

All requests for help must be approved by majority Krewe vote, and this means that the Krewe members must be provided with enough background information to make an informed decision.

There is an application form,  we realize that there are a lot of questions (and we dislike application forms as much as you do) but a) we must make sure that our charity funds are used wisely and to the greatest effect, and b) the question will allow us to collect the information we need and speed up the process of making a motion that will be presented to the Krewe.  We will not be able to proceed with incomplete applications.

If you are filling in the form on behalf of another person then you must have their permission to do so.

Please keep in mind - for a motion to pass there must be:

  • Dire Need, i.e. serious consequences is help is not available

  • We must be able to make a difference in the long term, not a short term band-aid., and we will give preference to circumstances where we can "fix it".  We welcome requests for acquiring a skill or an education as part of the solution.

  • The Dire need cannot be "self inflicted", for example drug use or criminal behavior.

  • Families must live in Duval, St. Johns, or Flagler counties in Florida.

It is important to us that we look at all options to "fix" a dire situation and this may include funding a training program to help with employment in a new field of work.

If you have questions regarding the program or the application process please feel free to contact Allen at;

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