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Krewe of the 13, Inc

The Krewe of the 13 is a group of re-enactors who share and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of dressing and portraying the Golden Age of Piracy.

We are a "Round Table" Krewe; meaning every member's opinion and vote are equal. No one, not even the officers, can override the majorities' rule.  

Krewe of the 13, Inc is a 501(c)(3) public registered charity.

We raise money to help local families who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in dire need.  We try to help when we are able to change the outcome of a temporary situation, we are not able to provide ongoing or indefinite support.

If you are interested in joining the fun and becoming a member, please review our governing documents and contact us at or message us on Facebook.

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