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Upcoming Events
Events listed here are of interest to Krewe of the 13 members and friends. A full list of Pirate Events in the area is on the Captains Accord Calendar
Krewe socials are not listed as events, please contact us for information

Congratulations Commadore Roger Allen

The Krewe of the 13 recently partnered with the St. Augustine Royal Family to host the 2024 Winter White Ball.  This wonderful charity event celebrating our city founder Pedro Menéndez brought in nearly 200 local people dressed in their finest period or cocktail attire.  


One of the highlights of the evening was the distinguished recognition bestowed upon Captain Proper Roger by the Royal Family of St. Augustine. Captain Proper Roger has served as the Captain of the Krewe of the 13 for seven years and has been instrumental in building and strengthening relationships between the area pirate krewes, the St. Augustine Royal Family, and the historic Florida Militia.  In acknowledgment of his exceptional service, unwavering commitment, and exemplary leadership, Captain Proper Roger has been granted the esteemed title of Commodore.

This prestigious honor is a testament to Captain Roger's dedication to duty, his exemplary maritime prowess, and his unyielding loyalty to the values upheld by the Royal Family of St. Augustine. May this honor serve as a symbol of the high regard in which Captain Proper Roger is held, and may the festivities of the evening be a fitting tribute to his remarkable achievements.

Also recognized by the St. Augustine Royal Family was Patrick O'Leary, the captain of the Matanzas Bay Buccaneers.  Captain O'Leary was presented a Letter of Commendation for his Krewe's charity work in the community.

Proceeds from this event raise funds for both the St. Augustine Easter Week Festival (Easter Festivities and Parade) as well as the Krewe of the 13 supported charities.

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