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How your donations help...

We have worked numerous families within our communities, and have listed just a couple of them to highlight how we help them, and how we use the monies donated and raised, to help those in need.

Click on the family name to find more details on how the Krewe was able to help

Amanda & Family

Provided funds to get family back together and in stable accommodation. 

Janette & Daughter

Provided assistance to a family that were about to lose

medical insurance.

Christina & Son

Our Krewe provide assistance to a young lady who needed immediate surgery

Heather & Family

Assistance for a family in financial distress due to the breadwinner losing his sight

Richard X

Single retired person without running water for two years

Ms. Giddens

Scholarship for LPN Program

The Riley Family

former City of St Augustine Firefighter who has Early Onset Alzheimer’s and Encephalopathy with Rapid Decline


Terminally ill 5 year old boy


Struggling to care for abused children

Family X

Victims of domestic violence

The Nager Family

Fighting cancer

Family A

Lost job dues to illness and being evicted

The Picozzi Family

Fighting cancer


Suffered from stroke, assisted with moving expenses

Mr. P

Unable to work due to injury, assisted with short term expenses

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