How your donations help...

We have worked numerous families within our communities, and have listed just a couple of them to highlight how we help them, and how we use the monies donated and raised, to help those in need.


Grayson is a terminally ill 5-year-old boy. Grayson’s family have spent every penny on his medical treatment and have $ 1,200,000 in medical bills.

Grayson’s father takes advantage of every possible hour of work.

To date, the Krewe has:

  • Provided $5,000 for pain medication and medical supplies.

  • Sewed him a pirate outfit and participated in a pirate cruise that he requested.

  • Cooked meals at Grayson’s house and tried to give his family some rest time

  • Accompanied Grayson to medical appointments and sang sea shanties during his procedures to distract him so he remains still.

Our support of Grayson’s family will be ongoing until he succumbs to this disease.



Katrina Nager was going through treatments for stage 3 very aggressive breast cancer. (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma). She has a husband and 3 kids. Ages 16, 15, and 6. Her husband is working two jobs to make ends meet. They were behind on rent and struggling with groceries and were unable to buy school supplies for the children.  The Krewe paid one month’s rent directly to the rental agency, and $500 in gift cards for groceries and/or school supplies.

" I truly am at a loss for words as to what to say, I know I cannot thank the Krewe of the 13 enough for what they have done for me. I do not know how I could ever repay such a generous gift, but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!  I will never forget what you have done for me."



Wayne Picozzi lost his job at Sea Ray midway through cancer treatment. His wife Meg has been the primary caregiver for her husband and 2 children, six and eight-year old. She was unable to work full time due to the extensive time required to care for her husband, meet medical appointments/ treatments, along with caring for their two children. The family was struggling to meet insurance, mortgage and daily expenses.  As part of a larger fundraiser, the Krewe donated $2,160 to assist with insurance costs.


The breadwinner had lost long term employment due to company closure, the family the decided to invest their savings in a training course to open a new career. During the training the breadwinner became seriously ill. The family was doing everything possible to help themselves, including the wife working a minimum wage job while caring for her husband. However, they were losing the battle, they had been eating poorly for several months and were due to be evicted the week before Christmas.

Our Krewe was able to pay two months rent (directly to the property manager) and delivered a holiday dinner.  The family is now back on their feet and have asked to join the Krewe to help us raise money for others in dire need.



Laurie had a serious stroke was unlikely to ever return to work and needed to move in with family members to receive the appropriate care. The Krewe assisted with moving expenses.