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Symone X

Symone 's illness has been very debilitating and has affected her ability to work a full-time job. Prior to her illness she had a successful career, was going to college majoring in Criminal Justice and owned a condo. She has lost everything because of this and continues to struggle with her health and is in constant pain.


In 2018, she started with Door Dash and began to earn good money delivering on a bicycle. It helped her to pay for her medications and she was on the path to getting back on her feet. In 2019 she started with Uber Eats and really likes working with them. Then the pandemic hit, which obviously affected her ability to earn an income and was on unemployment assistance for a while which has since run out. She is receiving food stamps.

The Krewe assisted with deposits necessary to work with Uber Eats, 2 weeks temporary accommodation in a hotel, credit card and other incidental bills

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