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Richard X

Richard retired after 42 years as a truck driver and is considered disabled due to his medical illnesses.  He is an unmarried man, with no living family left.  

The well at his house collapsed and he was told he was not allowed to repair the well and must connect to County utilities.  - which he could not afford.  Therefore, for two years now, he has been without running water in his house.  He is unable to cook at his home and has been going to the truck stop once a week to shower. 

Flagler Health, who is one of our major sponsors, thought that the Krewe of the 13 could also work collaboratively with Humana, United Way, Saint Vincent de Paul, and St. Johns Housing Partnership, to help get Richard back on his feet once again. 


The total cost was $7.600 of which the Krewe contributed $3,408

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