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Christopher Wick
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Sep 29, 2022
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I am intently watching this storm from Colorado. And I am hoping and praying for the whole Krewe to make it through this storm safe and sound.
Christopher Wick
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May 25, 2022
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The Black Raven will be the ending point for a treasure hunt I have sent my granddaughters on since the middle/end of last year. They (unknowingly) will be fighting Black Beard to get the treasure. If you have been on the Black Raven Pirate ship during the Black Beard show you will know more about it than i do at this time. At this time they are in Colorado, have a map of Saint Augustine from the late 1700's, a handful of clues and a family vacation coming up on the 1st of June to figure it out. On the 4th of June we will be running all around Saint Augustine following a trail of clues that lead to the Black Raven for the 6:30pm show. There will be a stop at the Pirate Store along the way. Important clues with'n there be.! I would love to see some faces from the Krewe. I usually only make it up to Saint Augustine for the Krewe fundraiser's. So If your going to be in town or going to the show that eve please let me know. Your all invited to join in the festivities if ye have the notion to.

Christopher Wick

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