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Apr 28, 2022
In General Discussions
The intent of the revisions was to stop the division that occurs in this Krewe EVERY SINGLE TIME we discuss participation. And it is long overdue. Our by-laws will never be perfect and should always evolve in the best interest of the majority and the Krewe’s objective. I find it simple...our by-laws are clearly outlined; any member can propose a change or review. Participate however you can, choose the right membership level for you and your situation, there are multiple options, We raised $50,000 in one year. We must be doing something right. A revision proposed to solve a persistent issue and eliminate division in this Krewe should not create a greater divide. AS AN OFFICER, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE A MOTION TO CLOSE FURTHER DISCUSSION AND PUT THE REVISED BY-LAWS TO VOTE.
Mar 27, 2022
In Casino Night 2020/21
What a fun event!! THANKS to the SWABBIES that worked so hard! THANKS to the BENEFACTORS that worked even though they are not obligated. THANKS to the SPOUCES that aren't even members and worked. THANKS to FRIENDS and FAMILY that knew they could not attend and still purchased tickets or made a donation. THANKS to those that TRAVELED distances to attend! THANKS to KREW MEMBERS that purchased their ticket and cocktails even though they worked their butts off. A special THANKS to EVERY SPONSOR. THANKS to High Tides Gallery that donated items and purchased tickets to our event. A very special THANKS to ARTHUR MURY DANCE STUDIO for going above and beyond with an awesome dance to kick off the evening and supporting us financially. THANKS to EVERYONE in the KREWE that participated. ALL PARTICIPANTS should be PROUD!!


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