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Brian Dennis
Core Member
Oct 05, 2022
In Halloween Bash 2022
Ahoy Krewe, we are now 24 days from our fall fundraiser, the All Hallows' Eve Bash!!! Your AHE Team has been hard at work behind the senes to make sure this year's event is as fun, exciting, and successful as last year's event. This year we have an exciting new bar sponsor, great food, and Soul Fire is returning for another great performance. Thank you to everyone that has solicited for new sponsors and auction items. Please keep up that great work! And for all those that have helped to spread the word and led friends and family to our event page to purchase tickets, or sold paper tickers, thank you! If you have sold paper tickets, please drop Sarah a message or comment here on the number sold so we can keep track of sales. So, where are we 24 days out? Ticket sales have started to tick up a little. Still well short of our goal. As of now more non-Krewe members have purchased tickets to OUR event than have Krewe members. You may say, that there are only 50-60 Krewe members, so naturally there will be many more non-members if we are to sell 250+ tickets, and you would be right. But, out of 55 members listed in this form, only 16 have purchased tickets. I have to ask, Where is The Krewe Spirit?! If you have bought your tickets, thank you! If you have been putting it off for some reason, there is no time like the present! If you are not planning on attending, your $50 donation will still be help advance our mission of helping those in dire need. Let's show some Krewe Spirit and get those ticket sales up. Tickets can be purchased at: Thank you,
Brian Dennis
Core Member
Mar 27, 2022
In General Discussions
Kathy, Cathy, and the rest of the Casino Night team, excellent job on making Casino Night such a big hit! Everything was very well done, from the dealers at the tables, to the food & music, and the silent auction was great! Tracey and I had a wonderful time and our non-pirate kids and their friends had so much fun. Thank you for a great evening!

Brian Dennis

Core Member
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