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Grayson is a terminally ill 5-year-old boy. Grayson’s family have spent every penny on his medical treatment and have $ 1,200,000 in medical bills.

Grayson’s father takes advantage of every possible hour of work.

To date, the Krewe has:

  • Provided $5,000 for pain medication and medical supplies.

  • Sewed him a pirate outfit and participated in a pirate cruise that he requested.

  • Cooked meals at Grayson’s house and tried to give his family some rest time

  • Accompanied Grayson to medical appointments and sang sea shanties during his procedures to distract him so he remains still.

Our support of Grayson’s family will be ongoing until he succumbs to this disease.


We later became aware that his baby brother, Ethan has intestinal cancer, he is undergoing treatment and will survive.  One of them is being treated in Gainesville, and the other in Jacksonville, so their mother Breanna is going backwards and forwards, sometimes more than once a day. This putting an additional financial burden on the family.  The Krewe helped with an additional $1,000 in the form of gas cards to help take some of the financial stress off them as they go through even more challenges.

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