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Ms. “x”, a single mom with two children under the age of 10, is trying to start a new life for her family free from violence.  Her divorce in early 2019 provided a safe home for her children, but she struggled financially after receiving no help from the children’s’ father.  Additionally, her employer cut her full-time hours back to part time because of time needed for child care.  This loss of income ultimately resulted in an eviction from her apartment.   Since that time, Ms. “x” found a new place to live and stable employment, but fell behind again attempting to pay her past debts, rent, and all child care costs with no assistance.  She received notice that she was to be evicted right after Christmas.   Our Krewe paid for three months’ rent (directly to the rental company) and also provided a $500 gift card for holiday expenses, a total of $3,454.00.


Ms. “X” would like to thank the Krewe for their gracious assistance and encourage other women of DV that they do not have to stay in an abusive relationship- there are people that care and are willing to help! 

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